F & B Service , Mixologist


Job Description:

Impeccable knowledge in the steps of delivering service for up-scale dining
Stays current and is knowledgeable on the latest drink trends
Understands the fundamentals of Mixology and ability to uphold our Beverage Culture
Deep knowledge of how food, wine, beer, spirits and other beverage work in harmony with food selection
The ability to suggest wines that will best complement particular foods off the food menu
Ensure responsible alcohol service per local ordinance alcohol awareness training and alcohol policies
Interact with guests in a natural, friendly demeanor
Cultivate regular guests and repeat business
Successfully complete a pour test prior to every shift, where applicable
Suggestively sell both beverages and menu items to guests at the bar
Deliver food items and beverage orders promptly
Prioritize and organize drink orders
Consistently prepare beverages according to standard recipes and venue specifications, abide by all control systems
Record any equipment failure and/or safety hazards in bar log
Maintain safety and sanitation standards
Perform Opening/Running/Closing duties according to policy
Prepare guest checks (on point of sales terminal) and process payment according to policy
Perform cash pull / check out procedures
Maintain appropriate Comp and Spill checks
Attend pre-shift meeting conducted by Manager on Duty prior to start of each shift

Job Expectations:

Minimum of 2 years experience bartending in a up-scale dining and night life establishment
The ability to up sell and offer food and drink suggestions to guests
Articulate vocabulary with the ability to adapt and socialize with current audience
Exemplary and professional grooming standards
Flexible schedule and ability to work late hours and at nights
Cash handling experience
Strong working knowledge of all beverages
Ability to deal with intoxicated guests in a positive and safety minded manner
Skill in interpersonal communication and teamwork

Minimum Qualification:

Relevant Qualification

Minimum Job Experience:

3-4 Years

Reporting to:

Bar Manager


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