HR & Admin Coordinator

Human Resource & Admin, HR & Admin Coordinator

Lonavala as well as Mumbai

Job Description:

Human Resources

Daily Monitoring of Staff attendance to keep a track of in & out timings.
To compile a list of all absenteeism.
To track DAR (Daily Activity Report) submissions & comply the same, to be discussed with MD.
To ensure all appointments are fixed with MD for all staffs who directly report to the MD.
Hearing Employee grievance and providing guidance as per rules/guidelines of the company.
To plan in advance all requirements of new joiners like: As per attached Annexure


To help in accommodation allocation in Lonavala
To help in Food passes for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as applicable.
To help in transportation Mumbai-Lonavala-Mumbai & Mumbai-Daman-Mumbai.
To arrange for ticket arrangement/bookings.
To provide information to the concerned Accommodation team in Lonavala & Daman for allocation of Guest Houses/Rooms.
To update employee phone directory & Company Organization Chart.
To maintain a database of employee contact information.
To monitor and checking each site manpower on daily basis.
Office management - Printing of visiting cards, brouchers, notepads etc.
To monitor Budget variance: Event Management, organizing meetings, conferences.
Upkeep of of administrative facilities and ensure availability of daily miscellaneous requirements to provide pleasant work culture & motivate the team members with SOP.
Maintain open channels of communication with other departments heads/section heads. Regular follow up with all supports service., update information to seniors & colleague regarding any changes/required facilities.


Job Expectations:

This position is open for Male Candidates only

Minimum Qualification:

Bachelor's Degree

Minimum Job Experience:

4-5 Years

Reporting to:

Managing Director


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