Furniture Designer

Design, Furniture Designer


Job Description:

The incumbent designer is required to have the following knowledge:

1. Thorough knowledge of Designing and manufacturing of luxury furniture for residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.

2. Preparing BOMS, BOQs for furniture products.
3. Proper knowledge of how the furniture product has been constructed and also on the finishes

4. Knowledge of block drawings, standard sizes of furniture products and ability to select an appropriate hardware for each product.
Our Furniture MAnufacturing Unit being in Daman, will be required to travel extensively to Daman for the shop floor knowledge.

Also, each furniture designer is given International Exposure too.

Job Expectations:

Readiness to research, learn and implement the latest in the furniture industry.

Passion for design and willingness to travel across the world to upgrade design skills.

The incumbent designer should be able to ready to stretch work hours.

Minimum Qualification:

Bachelors Degree or Diploma in Interior Design

Minimum Job Experience:


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