Digital Marketing Head

Marketing, Digital Marketing Head


Job Description:

1)To meet and try to surpass the monthly online sales target and earn maximum profit margins for the organisation
2)To understand the target audience and explain the benefits of that particular product
3)To assist the internet sales people in various customer interactions and make sure that the customer satisfaction is enhanced during the entire purchasing experience
4)To coordinate and implement the best practices to ensure effective sales approach and assist the sales team personnel in closing sales whenever needed
5) He/she prepares the sales reports, evaluates the performance of each internet sales team member and provides him/her with relevant feedback, so as to improve his/her sales figures.6) He/she communicates with the customers effectively.
He/she prepares the departmental reports and makes effective use of website as well as social media and may be involved in the development of the content, its design, layout, management, etc. 7)He/she may also make sure that the content developed for the site is edited and proofread well and ensures that internet based advertising campaigns have been followed up in a proper manner.
8) Tracking conversion rates and making improvements to the website. Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns. Utilising a range of techniques including paid search, SEO and PPC. Overseeing the social media strategy for the company. 9)Plan and execute end to end web/online campaigns (SEO/SEM, Marketing Database, email, social media and dislay advertising campaign) including ideation too. 10) Design, build and maintain the social media content (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Wiki/Quora, google, pinterest). 11) MEasure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and assess against goals(ROI & KPI). 12) Analyse click and conversion data, ad expenses and ROI.


Job Expectations:

The individual wishing to pursue a career as internet sales manager should have a passion for sales and should have excellent written and verbal communication skills. He/she should be proficient in using Microsoft Office, Photoshop, HTML, Google Analytics, scripting languages and should possess excellent web development skills. He/she should have the passion for internet and must remain updated with various developments happening online. Good analytical, project management skills, excellent customer service skills, ability to motivate and guide the other members and ability to work independently are some of the other skills that would prove to be of great advantage.

Minimum Qualification:

Graduate/Digital Marketing Certification

Minimum Job Experience:

Relevant Experience

Reporting to:



as & when required
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