Laundry Equipment Technician

Laundry, Laundry Technician


Job Description:

To minimize by all means his equipment to breakdown and to be operational at all times.
To follow up on daily records, maintenance schedules and assisting the superior on implementing of optimum staff planning and control.
Assisting the Supervisor to determine optimal operating efficiency and take necessary corrective measure when variances from standards are excessive through logs and utility data.
Assures implementation of policies, standards and procedure for energy conservation and control, operation and control of plant and equipment, inspection and staff supervision.
Analyses and monitors energy costs and expenditures for the Department.
Accept additional or temporary assignment as instructed by superior from time to time.
Trouble-shooting, repair and preventive maintenance of:
Laundry machines such as washes extractor, tumblers, flat work ironer, dry cleaning machines, utility press, form finisher, vacuum machine, marker etc.
Systematically check, oiling & lubricating of laundry equipment, changing of belts, tighten of screws, nuts and bolts if necessary to ensure that all machines are in good working order.
Maintain all lighting in laundry area
Report & attend to fire alarm or emergencies as the occasion arises.
Maintain the area & equipment under his charge in tip-top condition in terms of performance & cleanliness.

Minimum Qualification:

Relevant Qualification

Minimum Job Experience:

6-7 Years

Reporting to:

Chief Engineer


As per requirement
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