At Della. Our committment to design thinking is reflected at every level be it Person, Process Or Product.


Our Team

Pearl Sanga

General Manager
Della Group


Sinaiya Presswala

General Manager
Della Group


Pearl Jimmy Mistry

Business Development & Marketing Strategy
Della Group


Ronald Serrao

Vice President-Corporate
Della Group


" Get the Right people and everything else should follow.Great Vision without great people is irrelevant "

I have been handling the entire HR Operations for Della Group of companies for the past 6 yrs


“You have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don't have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life" My Philosophy is to understand the Business verticals and attract raw talents for our Luxury Villas and a five start resort attached with an adventure park which was unheard in the industry with a new theory and concept. Della was into Business verticals of Interiors and Architecture. During my period we expanded the business verticals into – Della Villas, Della Resorts and Della Adventure. The sudden expansion of Business in Resorts and Adventure was a huge task with the brand name unknown by professionals working in these specialized fields.

Creating Della brand awareness with the working professionals and talent acquisition by the HR Team was a achievement. With the experience gained I see myself heading HR in all new business ventures.

In Della, HR is admired and respected amongst all the core business functions and we understand that people are Product, Profit and Potential. HR in Della plays a great role into developing true business partnership and a value adding role.


The key to leadership is Influence, not Authority. In Della, Strategic decisions made by the organization have a significant impact on staff's training and development.We focus on developing confidence and build understanding of framework for developing employee involvement into Operations.We understand that our employees play multi-faceted roles and so we strongly encourage them to explore their whole selves.


We truly believe that while our amazing past distinguishes us, we are only as good as what we do next. We support our mission and goal by adhering to a set core values that characterizes our culture. Della is committed to creating and sustaining a work environment and companies culture, where all employees of our diverse workforce from across the country can perform at their very best.

What we have achieved towards manpower acquisition, retention and satisfaction could not have been possible without the joint efforts of the entire HR Team in helping to head towards accomplishing a credential business model in Lonavala. If we win this battle then – and only then – are we able to take our brand to the outside world and to the next level.

Tarun Sachwani

General Manager - Sales
Della Adventure & Resorts


" A young and dynamic Company with excellent leadership, combined with the power of team-work and a go-getter attitude "

Having a varied experience spanning from FMCG, Property & Real Estate to Hospitality Sales of more than 20 Years within India and Abroad, specializing in Sales and Marketing, am now Heading The Sales and Marketing for the Southern & the Western India for Della Resorts & Della Adventure Private Limited.

Responsible for driving revenues across the client segment ranging from MICE, Corporate Training, Destination Weddings & Family and Social Events.

Have established the Resort and Adventure Park as a Market Leader and successfully launched a Unique combination of a Five Star Luxury Resort with Adventure Activities and the Spa along with Banqueting facilities. A New and a Unique International Concept in India.

Responsible for visualizing, creating implementing & periodically evaluating the Sales, Marketing and Business Plans for the company, have Successfully identified New Businesses and completely re-positioned the product.

Heading a Young and Dynamic National Sales Team, today Della is one of the best in the industry breaking all barriers in achieving top dollar revenues with maximum occupancy month on month over the years.

Being a young and dynamic Company with excellent leadership, combined with the power of team-work and a go-getter attitude, We at Della have our Vision set for breaking all the set business parameters of the Hospitality Industry in achieving profitability in a record time-set, against all odds.

Della Resorts and Della Adventure is one of the finest and the most uniquely designed combination of A Luxury Resort, SPA merged with High adrealine Adventure and Team Building Activities by our MD & Chief Designer Mr. Jimmy Mistry on International standards.

Under his supervision, armed with the Freedom for taking decisive actions, has given me the privilege to reach new heights in my personal and professional life.

Jamil Chohan

General Manager - Projects
Della Villas



I had joined Della as a Senior Project manager in 2008 and handled project execution. Through my 7 years of journey I have grown from P.M to G.M with support of my inspiring and motivating boss Mr. “JIMMY MISTRY” who had guided me whenever I have gone wrong, also in my difficult times.

I have always wanted to do a variety of projects, with diversity.

My very first project was an Indo-Burma Petroleum Terminal VadalaMumbai, were I handled RCC buildings, M.S petroleum tank fabrication, asphalt road, C.C Road etc.

I have also worked with ministry of defense & aviation in Saudi Arabia for 2years whereI did structural design in STADD and handled PMC. Back in India I took up the project for setting up plant for FIAT INDIA PVT at KurlaMumbai, there again I carried out heavy plant erection & fabrication along with structural Engineering and also designed 40 Meter unsupported walkway.

Presently I am enjoying my work with Della, have been working on diversified and innovative projects, With Villas, Resorts& Adventure. Today I am handling 7 departments, with the support of my M.D,Mentor I see myself handling projects of “Della adventure Goa, Bangalore & Alibaug”.

My inspiration is Eiffel tower which is built up with many small members, each of which is equally important to keep the structure united.

I am highly inspired by innovative and dynamic thoughts of my M.D “JIMMY MISTRY”. He is my driving force for all the hard work, late working hours & in depth analytical knowledge.

Our culture at Della in one wordis “Multi-Tasking” we never say “NO” we are always ready for any type of assignment from our M.D / Clients.

Our Environment is very energetic and homely at Della, Our power of reasoning is far more logical and practical, with guidance and support of our Mentor “JIMMY MISTRY”.

Rayomond Irani

GM - Adventure & D.A.T.A.


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Irfan Zafar

GM – Admin
Della Adventure



I am working with Della group since 1996 I.e. 19 years . It has been very energetic, dynamic and challenging journey throughout.

" Della is a part of my life " Every day we come across new challenges and tasks which we sincerely accept and work on it , I have helped in setting up the factory, and have worked around the clock for the production in the factory , as we use to do projects for some big names in every corner of India . I also use to manage logistics all over India along with the transport system.

Am a Graduate , I have worked as a production manager for 3 years and then as a factory manager , based on my performance I was promoted as DGM in 2005, and in 2009 I was given the authority and a designation of a General Manager. I dream to see Della as one of the renounced name in Indian Hospitality, Real Estate,Luxury sector, and New concept stores. At every stage & level I want to be a gap filler for my organization. My inspiration is only one word "JIMMY MISTRY".

I want to be a captain of a sailing ship, leadership is the ability to head and hold all together in one team and achieve goal. Our culture of Della is to "Give entertainment with luxury"our environment is very healthy, lovely and we all are a part of Della family, while working with Della we get exposed to various stages of work (up's and down), we learn the art of multi-tasking in Della, while in other company’s we have department orientation experience only, thus our logical reasoning power is far ahead then other organization, all with guidance and support of our Mentor "Jimmy Mistry".

So I conclude Della as not only one of the best place for clients and guest , But is also proven to be one of the best place to work with. I salute "DELLA TEAM".

Ahmad Shaikh

General Manager – Information & Technology
Della Group


" Della is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they possess and let their talent grow in a positive working environment "

It’s been 10 years since I have been working in Della Groupin IT Department and it has proved to be a good experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’. When I had joined this company it was growing and I have grown with it. I truly appreciate all that I have learnt from my seniors and especially our MD Mr. Jimmy Mistry, I am very proud to be a part of Della Family.

I am heading IT department and responsible for smooth functioning of whole IT Infrastructure of Della Group in different locations. Responsible for Defining, Planning, Finalizing & Executing the IT Infrastructure Strategy & the IT Application Strategy for the Group, also for procurement of IT Hardware & Software Licenses and negotiation with various vendors.

Della is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they possess and let their talent grow in a positive working environment. This is an organization that teaches you to think positive! Tell yourself that you can change and you can do the things you desire!

Vijay Dubey

Executive Sous Chef


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Col. Vikram Pandey Retd.

Group Commander


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