Believe in Design

Della places a lot of emphasis on concept- based democratic designs, extensively researched and heavily debated, striving to enhance and uplift the lives of as many people as possible. We have worked on numerous projects in the past, and have created luxury through the medium of design with the help of a brilliant network of talent and support. Our designs are validated by our conscience on the ecological implications and add a new dimension of global design to all the services we provide. It is precisely as a result of this design approach that the brand has been able to establish itself in conceiving furnishing not strictly tied to the product but able to represent what is properly a lifestyle. Careful observation of the world, of the continual evolution of modern society and culture are the heart of Della's design creativity and modernity.

Community Impact

Della believes in giving back to the communities where we live and work. Della supports various charitable organizations. We truly believe in talent training and aim at closing global employment gaps. Della uses its skills in areas such as food production, housekeeping and laundry to develop and train 'raw' people to enable them their earning livelihood; we train underprivileged locals in hospitality, self-grooming and house-keeping. Serving the community is central to our core values.

Local Talent

We are a collection of many smaller, local footprints. Our goal is to hire talent locally, Della has 650+locals working with us at Lonavala , Della believes in the importance of being connected to the local community. We look to hire people with compelling connections to a particular location.

We are building a school for the locals in Lonavala, helping the deprived children the right to education. In our own small way we also ensure that we contribute to various Charities and Foundations such as hosting the Vatsalya foundation boys, HPY and MayQueen youth each year at Lonavala . Using our design expertise we contribute to the society eg. Restoring the Rustom Framna Agiary in Dadar, Lightening concept for Siddhivinayak Mandir and interiors for Worli and Gamdevi police station.

Mr Jimmy Mistry is the trustee of Bombay Parsi Panchayat and has been deeply involved in uplifting the Parsi society, be it financially or helping them solve their problems. We take continuous steps to foster independence among Parsi communities and address their needs on a long term basis.