"The common factor between all is Design"

Jimmy Mistry is best explained as a Designer, Hotelier & Entrepreneur. He is the Chairman & Managing Director of Della Group.

His passion for design and architecture is reflected in every business vertical and leads with over 1500 employees & two and a half decades of legacy.

He is a industry thought leader and is invited as a speaker at various design and business forums.

Della operates different business verticals: Luxury Resorts, Adventure Park, Luxury Second Home Villas, D.A.T.A. “Della Adventure Training Academy” India's First Counter Terrorism Training Academy for civilians & its latest baby Della by Jimmy Mistry.

Through the years he has received various prestigious awards and accolades.

His work has proved beyond doubt that it doesn’t necessarily take a degree from an elite school to set new benchmarks in design and business.


For the past two decades Jimmy Mistry has been at the forefront of the design industry. At the onset of his career, with contracting jobs and executing projects. But the turning point of his life came while working with an Italian design firm as an importer, which gave him abundance of experience and real understanding of designing. Jimmy possesses a vibrant vision, a zest for innovation and a commitment to sustainability. All his designs are done with passion, purpose, sensitivity and humility, thus strive to create unique, inspirational, and path breaking structures and landmarks that stand the test of time.

Jimmy's versatility and talent has allowed him to take on various roles depending on the situation. Jimmy quotes 'I didn't get into the business of design but the business got into me. The only thing I did is I just combined my mechanical engineering qualification to the passion of designing luxury furnishings and saw a concept taking shape in reality; this gave me a lot of satisfaction and happiness. The hunger for innovation and unsinkable passion for something new is fuelling inside me constantly to keep methinking.' Being environmentally conscious he is only going to use specially selected materials which are environment friendly, like wood from sustainable forests, use non toxic paints and polish products. These requirements are permanently controlled by him.

He has taken on the role of Designer, Adventurer, Hotelier and Developer. This path has culminated in an expertise in User Experience and Product Development. Still creative at heart, Jimmy pays passionate attention to people, process and product, the result of which evokes emotion in the observer of either.

Jimmy has an uncanny ability to understand a client's needs, strategize a strong conceptual plan of action and then disseminate that plan to internal or external teams. He has the analytical ability to enhance or optimize a product using best practices as well as personal and professional experience. Jimmy has managed small, medium and large multidisciplinary teams and has maximized the strengths and skills of each team member. In combination: his management acumen, his designing proficiency and his comfort with the worlds of technology, business and marketing makes Jimmy a rare and valued member to the World.Jimmy a man of high creativity believes that hard work always pays. Unveiling his next step and plan he says "My deep and passionate love for design cannot be possibly mentioned in words, so just wait, my potential is yet to come. I am etching to work on the luxury furnishings."



Jimmy became a hotelier as he always believed that there is a gap in the hospitality industry, he concentrated on the basics, such as the availability of 24 hr service, plus he wanted to include luxury with an element of design and surprise. The resort also consists of India's First Largest Extreme Adventure Park. This is how the 'Gen Next Hospitality' is created.

The 3 brand resorts, he created in Della are Della Luxury Resort, Camp Della Resort and Della Adventure Resort. These resorts are created with two characteristics: an obsession for luxury and uniqueness. Everything one sees and touches in the Della Resorts is personally designed by Jimmy. Nothing was left to chance: the Della workshop is staffed by expert craftsmen of various expertise. He made sure that Della Resorts bear no resemblance to the conventional 'commissioned' resort. This can be seen immediately in the structure of the entire resorts, and in the minutest of detail. He always wants his guest to relax and replenish, to the resort cocoons with attentions and amenities that erase the outside world and minister every senses of the guest, with the view, of the resorts unique design.

He also wants his guest to experience, round the clock service, which most resorts around the world shut their fine dining restaurants, swimming pools, spas and other recreational areas by mid night or even earlier. At Della resorts Jimmy has resolved to change this and come with a unique approach to resort luxury which was to extend the experience for 24 Hours. Here he has dedicated an entire building '24 HOUR HUB' catering several of the services as 24 Hour Fine Dine Restaurant, 24 Hour Della Spa, 24 Hour Salon, 24 Hour Fitness Centre, 24 Hour Swimming Pool & Lounge and 24 Hour Souvenirs & More.


Jimmy has always been passionate of speed, particularly motorcycle racing. Who thought that a passionate biker would one day design India's biggest extreme adventure park? But it has come true with Jimmy Mistry, who although was a big lover of bikes but then also ventured into the space of Della adventure and design and today, he is well recognized in the sector. It was the same time when he also realized that India deserves a meeting, holiday and adventure option that was equal to any of the best in the world, then just theme and amusement park. Thus he sourced of safe, good, clean, quality enjoyment.

Della Adventure a world-class 'One-Stop-Shop' adventure park.

His adventure sensitivity and execution is refined, sophisticated and fun.


Design has many forms….
It can arrive as a conception, grow as a possibility and manifest as a breath taking reality. One can see it immensely in the structure of DELLA VILLAS. Each Villa is superbly designed with 20ft high ceiling, balconies, Jacuzzi, private garden and private pergola. Everything one sees and touches in the villas is personally designed by Jimmy. Nothing is left to chance by him: be it the tiles, the timber or the porcelain, they all his personal selection. DELLA VILLAS has everything that one can dream off for lifestyle experience, like none other.