Design Thinking

Design with an unsinkable passion, provoked by reference, inspiration, uniqueness.

Della places a lot of emphasis on concept-based democratic designs; extensively researched and heavily debated; striving to enhance and uplift the lives of as many people as possible.

Our designs must be validated by our conscience on the ecological implications and must add a new dimension of global design to all the services we provide.

Uniqueness, international luxury design and a vocation for Made in India are design value of the Della brand, which has been able to rapidly gain leadership not only as merely a furnishing project but also as the offer of a "total look" customized in every detail.

Careful observation of the world, of the continual evolution of modern society and culture, are (is) the heart of Della's design creativity and modernity.

IIt is precisely as a result of this design approach that the brand has been able to establish itself in conceiving furnishing not strictly tied to the product but able to represent what is properly a lifestyle.